Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Color is Beautiful Art 2015 Workshop - Blog Hop Day 1

WOOOO HOO! The blog hop for the 'My Color is Beautiful Art' 2015 Workshop has officially started! That's right - we are in full effect!
'My Color is Beautiful Art' 2015 Workshop

Today, you can check out general info about the workshop and even download a nice PDF, highlighting each instructor. (grab your copy on Tiare's website)

Several instructors, including me, will host a GIVEAWAY - so you have plenty of chances to win a spot in a class!

Each day during this hop, you'll get to meet a different instructor. This is the perfect time to meet your teacher and learn more about her. C'mon, don't be shy...

Here is the Blog Hop Schedule! 

KICK-OFF! November 1 – Tiare Smith (general info about workshop)  
• November 2 – Amanda Trought -
• November 3 – Martice Smith II <<Meet me back here, on my blog for my GIVEAWAY!

• November 4 – Mystele -
• November 5 – Aysha Livingston -
• November 6 – Trina Willis -

• November 7 – Kiala Givehand -
• November 8 – Carol Porter -

BLOG HOP FINALE: November 9 – Tiare Smith –

     Happy hopping and best wishes to ya!

    Friday, October 31, 2014

    Exciting announcement: I AM TEACHING!

    Hello awesome art gang!  

    Eeeeeeeee! (You know anytime a sentence starts like this, something great has happened.) Well, well, well, my friends, the secret is finally out...

    I was invited to teach in an online workshop, created by Tiare Smith Designs! Yiipppeee!

    These past two months, I've been working behind-the-scenes with 7 wonderful artists for a *brand new* amazing, online workshop...Many of you have asked and now you've got it!
    YES - that's right! I will be teaching in a workshop in 2015. 

    In my class, you can expect to learn: 

    vibrant, intuitive painting,
    doodling personal symbols,
    stenciling and low-tech screen printing technique (incorporating bold, tribal symbols).

    Just so you all know: this will be my *very first* online course...I'm all kinds of excited and nervous energy right now! Please send great wishes and vibes my way :)

    I present to you 'My Color is Beautiful Art 2015'!
    My Color is Beautiful Art, 2015 Workshop

    This workshop is sparkly, beautiful and filled with an INCREDIBLE line up of teachers! (Hello Tiare Smith, Mystele, Kiala Givehand) Wow! It is so rewarding to do something of this magnitude for soooo many people.

    I'm just overjoyed with being invited to teach...I'm sitting here daydreaming about the countless lives this workshop is going to enrich and how much FUN we're gonna have!  

    Alright, here's the scoop:
    Join us for the 'My Color is Beautiful Art' Blog Hop on Saturday, November 1st - 9th, 2014 at
    Tiare Smith Designs


    We're having GIVEAWAYS!!!  
    Be sure to stop by each day during the hop and leave a comment for multiple chances at winning a seat in the workshop.  

    Get ready! This one is for YOU!


    You'll hear more from me tomorrow! Peace...

    Friday, October 24, 2014

    Whimsical Bookmarks

    I cannot stand to fold the pages of a book! I simply can't bring myself to "dog ear" or fold down the corner of a page to keep my place while reading. You know what I'm saying, right?!

    Ahh, come on. Don't gimme that look!

    *Sigh* just thinking about it makes me cringe, lol!

    I'm always looking for something to keep my place when I finish reading. Most of the time, I'm grabbing for a piece of scrap paper, a pencil or paper clip. that's why I've finally decided to create my own:


    Whimsical Bookmarks, TUTORIAL by Artist Martice Smith II

    If you've never heard of RubberMoon stamps - my friend, you are REALLY missing out! Please take a look at what's to offer on the website, when you have time. There is something for everyone!

    All stamps are designed by artists for artists.

    Here are the 5 stamps I used in my project:

    Whimsical Bookmarks, TUTORIAL by Artist Martice Smith II; RubberMoon stamps
    (from left to right): 

    See how I created these mixed-media collage bookmarks, right here on the RubberMoon Arts blog!

    Wednesday, October 22, 2014

    5 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered

    '5 Ways to Share Your Creativity & Get Discovered', advice from artist Martice Smith II
    '5 Ways to Share Your Creativity & Get Discovered', article by Martice Smith II.

    1. Above all, be true to YOU.
    Create what makes your heart sing and be happy doing it! 
    When you're doing what's fresh, interesting, and authentic to you, you make it that much easier for the marketplace to find you. Yes, it's that simple!

    2. Process is messy.
    Be open about what you're working on. 
    Now is not time time for toiling away in your studio with absolute secrecy. Ask for feedback - don't take it as criticism. Look at it as gathering information.

    • Collaborate on a project with another artist…try asking someone whose work you admire but is a contrast to your own artwork.

    Discuss or teach a class, highlighting a simple technique. 

    • Share sneak peeks of your works in progress, your ideas and even what you're learning online. Accept that, over time, you will evolve as an artist and learn to embrace change.

    Keep going - there's more! 

    Friday, October 10, 2014

    I am a Guest Designer for StencilGirl!

    That's right! I am so honored to have been asked by the folks at StencilGirl to be a Guest Designer!
    Wow can you believe it?! It's a blessing to have this opportunity to share my artwork with a larger audience.

    Here is the project I created. Please by sure to check out the entire project tutorial, Faux-Metal African Inspired Card

    Please come by, take a look and tell me what you think!

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