Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Guess who is on the team?

 Heyyyy! Ya girl has been selected as a design team member! Can you guess which one?

Need a little hint? Here it is:

I have been selected for Helmar Adhesive's design team! This company is based in Australia and is an Australian, family-owned business. I love that! Keepin' it family-oriented.

Helmar has been extremely generous in providing me my very first shipment of products! And ya know what this abundance of mixed-media art tutorials for YOU...and you, and yoooou! ;-)

Stay on the lookout, my friends! I know how much you value top-notch creative projects and it's my pleasure to have them for you. My first project will be published in April <---a few days after me birthday!

Peace + Love

Monday, March 23, 2015

Funky Calligraphy, Adventures in Hand-Lettering

No more cringing at the sight of your own handwriting! 

Wouldn't it be nice to incorporate your *own* lettering in your artwork?

I know that you are familiar with my work + know that I use a plethora of lettering techniques, image transfers, motivational words, phrases, mantras, and also, numbers.

But did you know that you can, literally, convey emotions through yours hands?

That's right - your hands! I'll explain in this new tutorial, published over on the Creating Mixed Media Art website...

Funky Calligraphy: Adventures in Hand-Lettering
Funky Calligraphy: Adventures in Hand-Lettering TUTORIAL

Funky Calligraphy, Adventures in Hand-Lettering; TUTORIAL by Martice Smith II

Funky Calligraphy, Adventures in Hand-Lettering; TUTORIAL by Martice Smith II

click here for the tutorial:

Meet me over on the Creating Mixed Media art website to discover how you can embrace + add personality to your writing, with a handful of fun approaches. ("Handful"...get it? Heeehee!)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Some days I just goof around...

Today was one of dem days! Why? Because I have received some awesome news concerning new directions in my art biz.

Can you imagine someone just dancing, for like, an hour straight?! OK, I admit: I dance like that all the time, with my goofy self, but today was extra special that I chucked confetti all over my studio. LOL! 

...before I leave to continue my jam fest, I just want to speak these encouraging words to you, my friend:

ALWAYS aim for your best. Never allow anyone or any thing to stop you from blossoming into what you are meant to be. You may not get another chance so receive the blessing while it's in your favor. Yes! Do it right now! Claim it as yours by speaking it into existence.

I know firsthand how the power of FAITH works.

I will be announcing the news to my lovely newsletter subscribers, first. So, if you're not a subscriber, go ahead and click on the newsletter image (at the end of this post) to secure your spot on my list. Thank you!

Of course, you're welcome to bring a friend (or two) so we can all celebrate together! You better believe gifts will be involved!

Copy and paste this link to share my newsletter:

Photograph + graffiti doodles; digital illustration of Martice Smith II.
Photograph + graffiti doodles; digital illustration of Martice Smith II.

P.S. I just updated my website's About page with this super cool, photo illustration of me.

Want your portrait done like this? Shoot me an email, here :)

I'll "see" in the Uneek Art Letter!

Peace + Love

Friday, February 27, 2015

Handmade Foam Stamps and Printing Plates

Ever wonder how to create your own printing plates for printmaking? What about designing unique foam stamps? If so, I have just the tutorial, for you!

Learn how to make your own stamps in under 5 minutes with BASIC supplies. Seriously, you probably have these things around the house...somewhere.

Unleash your creativity by adding layers of patterns and textures to your art!
(The full tutorial has been published over on the Creating Mixed Media Art website.)

Handmade Foam Stamps and Printing Plates

Basic supplies you will need: 
• a sturdy backing, like cardboard
• scissors
• craft foam (you can get this at your local craft supply store; I purchased mine from a Dollar Tree.
  A package of 20 sheets for $1!)

Handmade Foam Stamps and Printing Plates; tutorial by Martice Smith II

After working through this new tutorial, you will have created one-of-a-kind collage backgrounds using handmade foam stamps and printing them on delicate surfaces and baby wipes. (Yup, baby wipes...clean ones only ;-)

Handmade Foam Stamps and Printing Plates; tutorial by Martice Smith II

Handmade Foam Stamps & Printing Plates | full tutorial RIGHT HERE

Monday, February 2, 2015

My Color is Beautiful Art workshop Starts TODAY! Are you in?!

Yayyyy! Today is the day, y'all!

Are YOU in yet? I sure hope so!

We have prepared great projects for you with these fabulous teachers! I promise, you'll be so impressed :) I'm one of the 8 instructors and this online workshop is jammed packed with goodies. Learn at your own pace - no need to rush.

My lesson for 'My Color is Beautiful Art' is called: "Cultivate Your Symbology".
'My COLOR is Beautiful Art' workshop. My lesson is called 'Cultivate Your Symbology'.

In my tutorial, we'll make an African Inspired Tribal Poster. The poster is treated with luscious, mixed-media layers (acrylic paints + ink doodling). We will add unique symbols, that help tell our story, onto an intuitive painted background and choose a positive, tribal symbol. Cut out your own stencils and I'll demonstrate how to use them for a super easy and low-tech screen printing technique.

Come on over, REGISTER here
example piece, 'Cultivate Your Symbology', by Martice Smith II
example piece, 'Cultivate Your Symbology', by Martice Smith II

There's gonna to be LOADS of painting, art journaling, doodling, stamp making, challenges, prizes, videos, and more! Incredible, if I do say so myself :) And it's only $49USD! I hear you asking: "$49 for all of this?!" Yes, yes, my friend!

**10 weeks of creativity, interaction with other students, and a private community where you can feel comfortable sharing your art.**

This year, the fabulous teacher line-up is:

Amanda Trought
Martice Smith II
Aysha Livingston

Trina Willis
Kiala Givehand
Carol Porter
Tiare Smith

It's not too late to sign up...

If you've already registered, THANK YOU! I'll "see" you in class...

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